The Week That Comes We Will Know Thea Second Phase of Android One: New, Cheaper Models

Android One He made his debut last year and since then this Google initiative has had a very discreet success. For different countries, but in some regions it has expanded barely be noticed the impact. Since its inception the project has evolved and has shown that it is not something exclusively oriented to developing countries.

Sundar Pichai next week travels to India to give a talk on Google. We do not know is the official plan but sources close to ensure that during this event the CEO of the company will give more details (among other topics) on the second phase of Android One.

So far we have seen that Android One handsets were modest devices but that they were not competing on price. In fact, during the presentation of the bq A4.5 they made it clear that the goal of Google is not to go to poor economies or compete in price with very low figures. In fact, in Spain it is easy to find terminals more affordable than the smartphone of bq.

Xataka Android we’ve been covering the different releases of devices in each country of Asia and Africa. Google has not made public figures on users with Android One by what we understand that numbers are not good enough to remove chest a year later. Coming according to sources close the week will serve to answer questions.

Pichai intends, at least so they say, get a day about Android One and the current situation. During this event, it will announce a second generation of devices that, say, it will be more affordable than the previous. If true, Google would come at last to compete with price with other manufacturers and offer less powerful smartphones but by a smaller amount.

The rumor has a good foundation: the month past WSJ reported that Alphabet (which not Google) was interested in returning to the Indian market with still more affordable devices (and more freedom for manufacturers) that they have released so far with Android One. The coming week we will see if the rumors are true.


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