Themattic, an Application to Manage Our CyanogenMod Themes Easily

With the expansion of the ROMs and its increase of functions with respect to the original Android version, we have seen how customization has been growing, especially since the CyanogenMod started to popular the creation of topics to modify, even more, as our smartphone or tablet.

The truth is that this format has convinced many to launch its subjects and there are many options. The problem is that search for Google Play sometimes is complicated because there is a category as such. For this reason, applications such as Themattic they are very useful since they put them us more hand so we have them located.

Full customization to hand

In short, Themattic is an application that takes care of categorize subjects of CM (that also work on other ROMs, not just on CyanogenMod) so we don’t have to spend much time doing searches on Google Play. An intermediary which in the end we just linking to the store of applications, but without going through the search engine.

The idea is good and the design of the application is very simple but clear. It is in beta yet and it has some shortcomings as a fairly short catalogue. Actually there are more issues, but it is matter of time you go indexing them. The good news is that the free can download them directly from the application and only with the payment, we will have to go through Google’s platform.

There are several applications of this type, but the truth is that Themattic is an interesting option but above all to keep track of because at the moment lacks a bit of travel. If you want to encourage to try it, just have to join your community, the program of testing and then download the application from Google Play.