This Fall’s 10 Best Looking Jackets

Last week we looked at topcoats and today we highlight the season’s 10 best looking jackets. We go through the material, color and shape and what is worth to consider when investing in a jacket for the winter.

Just like when to buy a winter coat you should be based on a number of factors when buying a jacket for fall. With the jacket does not necessarily need to be quite as careful about color and pattern when not worn as frequent and, above all, do not represent as big a part of the whole.

Our advice is to start from the flavor it has. Enjoy it incredibly well in a dark blue linnekavaj during the summer, it is probably reasonable to you’ll love the equivalent model in flannel or kashmir in winter.

This is something that many may not think of. They believe they already have a blue Blazer but am not going on that it is not optimal for the season. Instead of filling the color shutters in their closet, we believe that you should have an autumn and spring wardrobe that reflect each other and personal style. If you like blue, Brown and gray makes it likely that all year.

The exception that proves the rule is the brightest vårkavajerna as the pga season and the Tan as they often combined with making them more suited to the lighter half of the year. It can still be the same colors, perhaps a slightly lighter color palette and above all in the choice of fabric that performs better in the heat.

For höstkavajen, it’s hard to beat the feel in tweed, flannel and cashmere. Everyone has an equal natural seasonal feel of linen and cotton are in the spring. Tweed is the most casual option that makes itself best in drab tones such as green, Brown and orange. Flannel is perfect for a little more dressy jackets, for example, in Brown and blue and can be combined with a pair of grey trousers in a similar quality.

Most beautiful luster of all of kashmir has also allowed an incredibly beautiful case. Unfortunately, the durability is not the best but if you want to access the feel of cashmere at a reasonable price, a mixture of wool/cashmere or wool/cashmere/silk to be a really nice option.

If you like big or small designs in kavajväg are individually but an advantage that many people don’t think about is that a Blazer with bigger box opens up the possibility of easily wear small patterns in the shirt or tie. By having clear difference in pattern size to open the possibility to combine them in the best way.

Cesare Attolini

Luxury kashmirkavaj from Cesare Attolini via Pauwmannen. A glen check box over the blue base makes it easy to combine with other patterns both in stripes as shirt or tie.

Thom Sweeney

Double-breasted Blazer in beige wool that fits incredibly well to medium gray flannel pants and white polo shirt.

Morris Heritage

Single-breasted jacket in Brown flannel from Morris Heritage. A very versatile color that can be combined with sand-colored or gray flannel pants or why not with a matching Brown flannel in the same quality for the full suit.

Orazio Luciano

Perhaps the perfect blue höstkavajen from Orazio Luciano in wool from British Fox Bros. Rolled treknäppning and Neapolitan soft construction.


Checkered Blazer in blue, gray and green that works perfectly with both jeans flannel pants.

Richard James

British tweed in a classic hourglass-shaped silhouette from Richard James.

Ring Jacket x The Armoury

Kashmirkavaj from the Ring Jacket produced in an exclusive model for the store The Armoury. The discreet glen check box over light brown base makes the jacket is very versatile and can be combined with both tie and flannel pants that polo shirt and jeans.


Classic Blue Blazer from Caruso recognized known for their quality in relation to price.

Department at Indian

Model Havana from Department at Indian in an upscale fabric from Ferla.

Oscar Jacobson

The jacket Einar from Oscar Jacobson in a beautiful Burgundy shade. A color that is really underrated and works very well to raw denim and sand-colored chinos.