This Is The Design of The Samsung Galaxy S7? So Are The So-Called Renderings Leaked to The Net

GSM Arena last night published exclusively those who supposedly are the first renderings that see the light with the design that could have the Galaxy S7 Samsung. The renderings have been carried out by the manufacturer of accessories ITSkins, and based his veracity in which such businesses usually have this type of material to start preparing your products.

According to this filtering, is not only preparing the expected successor of the S6, which we do not have more data than a so-called size 143.37 x 70.8 x 6.94 mm, but also a much larger Variant that we don’t have even the name, but that could be size 163.32 x 82.01 x 7.82 mm with a display that could exceed 6 inches.

To what extent should we take seriously these leaks? As if already normal we tend to walk us cautiously with this type of information, in this case I I would a little more than she if possible. Especially taking into account that what we see in the design It is almost a carbon copy of the current Galaxy S6. In fact to even change it changes the position of the flash close to the camera, something that even HTC has been changed almost clones designs of its latest mobile.

With this, the only two differences that we can see is that the microSIM card slot has changed of place and that the home button has gone from being rounded to rectangular. This last change is the more suspicious, because it shocked quite a home so angled so curved design button.

If you want to tell you my personal opinion I do not swallow this to be true, while taking into account the success of the design of the previous Galaxy It would be neither far-fetched. Therefore the best thing will be hopefully to future leaks – because we will have them – before drawing conclusions. Do you you think, you think that this design is real? Could we stand before the new S7 Galaxy?