Three Tricks Not To Waste Your Beauty Products

In times of financial crisis, it’s not easy to save a buck to replace that favorite makeup item, right?! So the secret is to save money! Nothing spreading much base, apply enough concealer and exaggerate on the blush.The rule is to be as economical as possible, even because the last weeks of fashion have shown that “make nothing” is still higher than ever.

For this reason, I decided to share with you some little tricks that I have used for some time to make myproducts pay and do not need to be changed in a very short time. They are so simple things that it costs nothing to try, even more because it will help you a lot to save a little!

One of my favorite bases of life is Stay Matte, Clinique. As the price of it is a little salty, I always did everything to save money and, although I did not find it so difficult, since I only use BB Cream day by day and leave it only for the most special occasions, I started to try another trick Indicated by my hairdresser – who is also an expert in make. She instructed me to mix it with a moisturizer – I use Dramatically Different Moisturizing, which I already had at home – because, in addition, a smaller amount of product is needed, the base still lasts longer on the skin.

Applying the lipstick with a brush is one of the great tricks of the makeup artists to leave the perfect cover and make it last longer on the lips. So, in addition to having to retouch fewer times and consequently spend less product, the brush helps you better control the amount of lipstick applied. It becomes unnecessary to spend 3 times to get full coverage! Another positive point is that with the brush you can enjoy the product until the end.Since I started applying my lipsticks with a brush, they have gone on to last so much more!

Leaving the right eyeliner was always an almost impossible task for me. Either it broke, or it was too pointy or too square … And when I noticed it, the brand new pencil was almost halfway, from pointing it all out. That’s when I read that putting it in the freezer helped a little, so the tip did not get too soft and did not break easily.Since I started doing that, my pencils went on to last longer and the time I used to take aiming it down was halved. Can try that works!