Tip: How to Clean to Your Bottle of Water

Personally speaking, I think we all bikers know that the bottles of water, when they are not well cared for, ends up becoming a real nursery of bacteria.

The main problem, and also the most harmful to health, what happens to the little bottles when they’re not clean, is the creation of limo, which are those dark spots that appear on the bottle. This dirt is extremely contaminant and can cause the transmission of diseases such as hepatitis A, salmonella, flu and bacteria such as e. coli, staph and strep.

A simple way to clean up is as follows: there is a product that is sold in super markets, used to sterilize food, kitchenware … etc … This product is the basis of sodium hipoclórito. There are several brands and the product costs less than 10 reais.

After the container instructions for use and the amount that must be used for each case.

Just dripping the drops, fill with water and leave for at least 20 minutes. Then wash with detergent even if it’s ZERO. This substance get the limo and sterilize the bottle. Do this once a week, or every 15 days, depending on how much you use the bottle, which will prevent problems.

I like to blow the whistle on the lid and place it upside down in the bottle, you already clean the nozzle. Another alternative is if you have a bowl, put the drops in basin water and submerge the bottle and the CAP in the water.