Tip: When Keeping the Jacket Buttoned

We are not talking here of the numbers of buttons that should be closed, if you do your homework you know that the last button always stay undone, except in one-button blazer, of course. The question many people is: when keeping the jacket closed or open?

To be honest, the jacket should be closed in any kind of look, well, buttoned it leaves the shoulders broader, thinner waist, anyway, put things in place. But is there any permissiveness when the way to use it and that’s what we’re going to talk now.

In costume (jacket and pants+tie)

Even in a hot desert, during the presentation of a weapon of mass destruction,
Tony Stark knows he has to be impeccable.

In American films it is common to see the characters using the full open social costume, but this is not correct, the jacket or blazer must be completely undone in time to sit. Raised? Close again! The coat serves precisely to keep the tie in place and form that V elegant which can give prominence to your face (3 buttons) or lengthen the silhouette (2 buttons), not to be swinging on a windy day.

Sat? Opened…

Raised? Closed again…

In the suit or three-piece suit (jacket, pants, vest+tie)

Want to use the suit (with vest) open? Until may!

In the suit, or three-piece suit, vest fulfills part of the suit, giving that finishing more aligned to the visual, in this case the jacket is more accepted open, especially in environments such as offices, being buttoned only outdoors or in more formal occasions, though some people use closed all the time, no exceptions, I think more beautiful this way.

But let’s face it, buttoned it looks good.

Suit with double buttoning

Use closed all the time. Some desabotoam while sitting, others not so, because the jacket with double buttoning gets a little awkward when opened, mainly due to the excess fabric at the intersection to your closing, non-existent in the normal blazer.

Usual no tie or brazer with jeans (casual)

In this case everything depends on the taste of the user, as these are casual looks there is no need for such rigidity, in fact, the relaxed air may even contribute to the combination, but as I said before, wear it buttoned generally leaves the more elegant silhouette, see the example in the picture above.

Just for comparison effect:

If you don’t Undo before sitting up. Horrible, isn’t it?

This way you stay comfortable and gets decent jacket.