Tips for Choosing Wall Stickers for Baby’s Room

The wall stickers for baby’s room are good options for your child’s room decoration, and then we’re going to show you his advantages, along with a few application examples to inspire you.

Decorate the baby’s room is not only an exciting time for parents, but also can stimulate the playful and the creativity of the child begins to develop.

The wall sticker is a cheaper option than a wallpaper, and you can have appearance similar to it if your goal, or can be applied in just a few parts of the wall to form a design and give only a highlight.

Another advantage of wall sticker is that it is very easy to be applied (and easier than applying a wallpaper) and is also easy to be changed in the future.

Before choosing the adhesive for your baby’s room, think the decor of this environment as a whole should provide a gentle and cheerful place, after all, babies are sensitive and intuitive, and a messy room and with disharmonious colors can irritate it and even cause insomnia.

To help in the choice of colors, here are some suggestions and the sensation they cause to see them:

Light blue: It is a color that soothes, but to be in harmony, must be combined with white or another shade of blue.
Green: This is the color of health and balance.
Light pink: Is a lightly stimulating color.
Lilac: Is a relaxing color and can be used in some details of the room, because it combines with other colors.
Gray: A little gray in the environment transmits stability and harmonizes with vibrant colors. Beware of excess gray, to avoid the feeling of monotony.
Yellow: This color conveys happiness and optimism. Indeed, some studies show that the yellow releases serotonin.

Inspirations of wall stickers for baby’s room

Use vibrant color or a sticker prominently on a wall, brings personality to the environment without let it loaded, as in the following examples:

The wall stickers can also serve as a distraction to the baby while the mother is breastfeeding.

The adhesive can also interact with the room decor as in the next example. It looks like the puffs and the dolls on the shelf are an extension of the drawing on the wall.

Play the muted colors is a good choice for parents who do not intend to change the stickers, so the room will adapt when the baby grows up and doesn’t like children’s decorations.

Wall sticker with tracks contributing to leave the room simple and modern, without losing the color that brings joy to the environment.

In addition to the tracks, the stickers in the shape of small colored balls bring fun afloat:

Think about the purpose of the decoration for your baby’s room and what you want to convey through colors, combinations and formats. It goes from a peaceful sleep, to begin a new joke.

Babies need to be encouraged and indeed, the decor to your surroundings will influence it. Did you feel inspired?

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