Tips to Choose and Buy Bicycle Mtb Mountain Bike Helmet

What must take into account when buying a mountain bike mtb mountain bike helmet? Mountain bike helmet is like the seat belt in the car. We recommend that you never leave pedaling your bicycle of mountain without a helmet.

In mountain bike helmet absorbs the impact in a crash and can prevent damage. Here are some tips for choosing a helmet for mountain bike mtb mountain bike so that the choice will be easier. We must bear in mind that mountain bike helmets are only protected in falls of up to 20 km/h, say the manufacturers themselves.The mountain bike helmet is made with expanded polystyrene, a very lightweight material able to absorb impacts of medium intensity.

How to choose and buy mountain bike mtb mountain bike helmet

Budget to buy a mountain bike helmet. More expensive helmets are not always safer, and also the protection of the town in a fall is relative. The price to choose a mountain bike helmet depends on its characteristics as well as its weight, the type of ventilation, adjustment systems, visor and as usual design is paid. Into a bicycle shop to buy or choose a mountain bike helmet we realize the wide range of prices to choose from. A helmet for mountain bike can go from 25 up to above the € 200. When you buy a helmet for mountain bike must not skimp on price, this will be related in part to the quality of expanded polystyrene, the protective coating of the same, support pads and fasteners for fastening the helmet to the head. Remember that if a helmet is to protect you in a crash, you won’t regret having not purchased one of higher quality. The functional characteristics to buy a helmet for mountain bike are based on ventilation and adjustment. Especially in warm environments, you must choose a helmet for mountain bike with a good amount of ventilation openings. These separate openings, as well as a good ventilation, can facilitate the installation of lights or cameras for recording video, something very much in vogue today. It is also best to choose one that includes a red insect so that they enter through these vents.

Is mountain bike helmet approved?

We find a label in the lining the town stating that it complies with recognized safety standards. In Europe, we must choose one with CE marking and then we must pay attention to the marked EN1078 indicating that it meets the standard of European approval.

The mountain bike helmet size to choose?

How to know the size of the town to choose. You can meet your size by measuring the circumference of your head with a tape measure. There are mountain bike helmets that are one size, but there are also others that have carvings. Those who wear size, indicates the diameter of the head that are set, for example size M 54-57 cm or size L 58-61 cm, thus covering all possible to choose sizes. It is also highly recommended to try on the helmet before choosing, and to verify that you we have well. Mountain bike helmet should be comfortable and not tighten, not be loose. Choose a helmet mountain bike that fits properly with the system of regulation of adjustment to mid-position. Mountain bike helmets are manufactured primarily by design and aesthetics. It is important to choose a mountain bike helmet that your system of fixing touch comfortably in all around and top of the head. We should check that in this position is completely level and once closed belts, perfectly stable and subject. The final adjustment should be with some foam pads that are included with the helmet of mountain. We will take into account that there are mountain bike helmets specifically for women. These Womens mountain bike helmets, tend to be slightly smaller and some models are designed with a cut or opening in the back to allow you to remove the hair in a ponytail.

Adjustment of the helmet to the head for mountain bike.

1 – First, choose the correct size helmet.
The helmet must be comfortable and not tighten. It must be adjusted to the head as much as possible. It must be two fingers of eyebrows in the front, and of course does not prevent the vision with the visor, should be at level plane horizontal head, secured using straps, mounting pads, and the ring or adjustment to make it convenient and comfortable. It must incorporate a system of adjustment on the back that adapt perfectly to your head, increasing your comfort and security. Choose town should not move on the head, in either direction, either from side to side or front to back.

2 pads adjustment and locking device.
Most helmets come with a various games and coated foam pads that must be washable and comfortable sizes. These pads are used to “tune” the adjustment of the helmet to the head.

We make sure that the stabilizer or support (the network of tape, making the shape of the head) is us snugly, but not too tight. Helmets that touched on the head by its design, always use to thin pads on the inside of the helmet. This type of design cool something worse. If the head of the rider is narrow, you can clearance have to the sides of the hull, placing the thick cushions for side game.

The helmet pads touching the head evenly in all directions, unless they tighten too. The helmet should be leveled on the head, just two fingers above the eyebrows. As a check, if we try to bump into a wall, the helmet must touch before wall than the nose.

  1. adjust the fastening straps.
    Put on the helmet and fasten the buckle.Adjust the straps to attach the accessory in “And”, (where the strips that come inside come together) just below the ear.Then, adjust the length of the chin strap so it fits comfortably. Two fingers between the Chin and the Chin should fit when the mouth is closed. It must be seated on the head to maximize lateral coverage, without impeding the vision with the visor and by maintaining a horizontal level with comfortably adjusted tape, not you must swing side to side or front back.

The town of mountain bike maintenance

1 – Learn how to use the helmet. Always use the helmet with fastened buckle.If strips of webbing for take off the helmet, you will change the settings, and you can be sure you’ll even break the buckle. To take off the helmet do so always pressing the buckle.

2 – If you change your volume, switch setting. Given that the town should have a perfect fit, if you use fabric CAP or similar to absorb sweat in hot days, or a cap of wool on a cold day, you can change your settings. To adjust the straps always in these situations, don’t never use the helmet loose or too tight.

3 – clean the helmet with mild soap and warm water. Do not use solvents or cleaners to wash your bike helmet.These products can damage the helmet, although the damage is not visible. Use the hand SOAP or SOAP to wash the dishes. Frequently wash the pads, avoid its deterioration and the bad smell.

4 – is the helmet with care. Although mountain bike helmet is made to receive blows, the reality is that if you abuse it you’ll see it deteriorates over time. Protective coating and fasteners deteriorate with bad treatment.

5 – quarter expires. Mountain bike helmets are not forever. A mountain bike helmet should be replaced after the first fall that has suffered a blow even if no external damage is observed, it is better to prevent than cure. Normal wear and tear, the sweat and the embedded dust exhaust and age by the helmet. Typical of a town life is 2-4 years.

We are confident that this article will help you to the choice of a helmet for your mountain bike. Not come out without a helmet with your bike the mountain never, not you take it on the handlebars while you’re doing a rise at slow speed.

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