Todoist Tea Will Remember The Tasks Depending on Where You Are

The struggle between the task managers Gets increasingly intense: every time there are more applications to meet all kinds of needs and the number of functions is on the rise. The latest in renewed Todoist is something that apparently is one minor update, but that promises to be very productive.

In addition to reminders for hours and days, we will be able Add tasks associated with places. Thus, when we are near that site mobile will let us know. For example: If we have to buy dinner, which let us know when we come around the supermarket which we go through every day out of the office.

The tasks in the right place

The function is very useful if we are moving quite on a daily basis and where the time and day are not so important variables to define these tasks. Geolocation works with the service offered by phone and in assigning sites will be used Google Maps to find us the addresses of the sites that you want to add.

The last ten places identified will be saved in the memory, something quite useful for recurring tasks that not always you can program. This new feature will be available on all platforms on which runs Todoist but only notifications arrive us in mobile.

The “bad news” is that this new feature It is only available in the Premium version of Todoist, you can try it for free for a period of 30 days with the option to renew and pay a subscription. May not be the motivating to decide to pay or not but it is a detail that is appreciated.