Tricks To Enhance Bronze

The Secrets And Products To Display A Healthily Golden Skin

Nothing makes you want to undress layers of clothing than a golden, healthy bronze. But not all tan are the same. Light-skinned women can also shine this summer. I often give myself glimpses of photos of Gisele Bundchen or Cameron Diaz, stuck inside their tiny bikinis, trying to decode the post-production tricks that give them that warm, luminous skin tone. If you are like me, you know full well that these almost perfect images are the end of anyone’s ego.

But in my case it’s worse or at least I think so. Being a beauty editor and having to constantly see photographs of models that dominate the lens are retouched with image-processing software like Photoshop, with its honey-colored skin full of golden glitter, makes me think that my pale tone and my complexion prone to scalds and spots are not at all prepared to face the sand.

Fortunately, cosmetics brands have been busy setting up anti-irritation sunscreens, bug-proof sunblockers and non-staining self-tanning products to ensure that even in the summer, even women who find themselves incompatible with the sun sample of a beautiful and golden bronze. Follow our recommendations for healthy, golden skin.

The Colors Of The Season

In the spring / summer parades of the last years, the trend of tanned skin remained natural and healthy, while in the red treadmill what was seen was a deeper but yet translucent tone. What is the point in common? The luminosity. To do so, try using the redesigned BB Naked Skin FPS 20 by Urban Decay (€ 33.90), over the cheekbones and on the clavicles to illuminate and define.

Bronze Allowed In The Office

So that you do not think you’re doing anything but sunbathing, get a low-key shine by mixing some of Lancôme’s Teint Miracle Air base (€ 43.15) with your usual moisturizer. If you prefer, simulate a two-week tan. We do not get tired of using and advising Vita Liberata’s self-tanning products. Phenomenal is a self-tanning mousse that allows a tan that lasts longer than a regular self-tanner, always with a natural look (€ 39.90).

Create The Perfect Summer Look

A metallic shadow is the secret to an irreproachable summer make-up. The color palette can range from dark peach to iridescent nude. We like the trio of shades of pearly effect of Yves Rocher (9 €).

Custom Protection

Bet on a tan accelerator. Skeyndor’s Sun SPF 30 Protective Emulsion (€ 42.37) fights photoaging and strengthens the tan. For a long-lasting tan, Anne Möller’s Crème Solaire Antiage et Anti-Taches FPS 50+ (26.25 €) has a warterproof complex that makes it last longer.Waterproof, Piz Buin’s Wet Skin Transparent Spray (18,30 €) can be applied to wet skin without losing effectiveness.

Our list of suggestions also includes Supertanning Magic Oil-Gel FPS 10, Collistar, € 29.90.Featuring a pleasantly silky texture, it protects, moisturizes and leaves a subtle golden hue on the skin. Rose Lip Gloss, The Body Shop, € 10, for its part, leaves lips bright and with a rose flavor. The Eau Energisante Très Hydratante, Sephora, € 12.90, has an energizing perfume that tones and awakens the body and mind.

Redness and irritation are not the best accessory for the bikini you bought this year … Skinceuticals Ultra Facial Defense FPS 50 (€ 29) has a high daily protection and has a slight texture. If you are prone to scalds, mix a little anti-inflammatory (Ibuprofen, for example) in a cream rich in antioxidants such as Super Facialist Vitamin C + Day Cream (23 €) to soothe redness.

Youth From Within

Prepare the skin with lycopene-rich supplements three weeks before you leave on vacation.They will increase the resistance of the skin, which helps a lot when fighting the harmful effects of solar radiation. Try Innéov Firmeza 45+ (€ 32.40) for an extra dose of antioxidants. So that you can display golden legs in no time, there are also solutions on the market.

Cosmetics that give color to the legs, even without self-tanning ingredients, are a trend more than proven and give way in the early days of sun exposure (no one likes to exhibit a pale legs).Try the famous Caudalie Jambes Divines (€ 25.60) or the latest O Boticario Leg Makeup (€ 15.99). These products give the skin a golden hue, disguise imperfections and have a natural effect.

If you enjoy good shopping, invest in a 2-in-1. Guerlain’s Sun Scrub Terracotta exfoliator (47,85 €) efficiently removes dead skin cells and dry skin, an essential step for a uniform bronze. It is also great for prolonging the color as it leaves a golden veil on the skin. Another new feature is the sweat-proof bronzers. For dark skin, there is Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer (Deep) by Estée Lauder (€ 41). For all other tones, Terracotta Sun Celebration from Guerlain (€ 67.90) is available.