Tricks to Make the Most of Mozilla Firefox

Currently there is a wide variety of browsers available, free websites which allows us to choose the best alternative for use including frequent tool, and in this way find that best fits our needs.

Among them, one of the most popular is the well-known Mozilla Firefox, which is used by millions of users around the world, mainly because it is an open source browser that can work seamlessly in almost all current operating systems.

Also develop its graphic interface in a simple browser to use, and best of all is that there is a huge variety and quantity of created for Firefox, add-ins that allow you to take greater advantage of the tool.

On the other hand, there are also some interesting tricks that can be used in Firefox, and that enable us to become a much more useful and attractive tool to this browser. Then you have some of these tricks to get more out of the browser.

A very interesting feature is that we can adjust the display of Firefox in order to be able to use it more optimally, and at the same time, we can reduce the size of the icons in it, and thus obtain more work space.

On the other hand, Firefox also allows us to modify the size of the text, by which we can increase it to view it better, for which we must press the keys “Ctrl +”. If we want to reduce the size of the page have to press keys ‘Ctrl-‘. If we want to maximize the page, only have to press the F11 key.

One of the ways to get more out of Firefox is to learn how to use key combinations, since with the passage of time and familiarity with them will see how us become the navigation much faster.

For example, by pressing the keys “CTRL + TAB” we can move between open tabs in the browser without the need to touch the mouse. In addition, by pressing ‘ CTRL + 1 ” can move quickly to the first tab in the browser, if by pressing ” CTRL + 5 “, Firefox will display the fifth tab, if you press ” CTRL + 7 ” will show us the seventh tab and so on with all the tabs displayed in the browser window.

We may also use the “SHIFT + CTRL + TAB” key combination can access the tabs that we visited earlier, and if you press the keys “CTRL + T” can open a new tab, while with “CTRL + N” opens a new window.

On the other hand, Firefox users have the possibility of increasing the speed of the browser, since in this case it is possible to specify the amount of RAM you want to assign it to Firefox, with which we can enhance their performance according to our needs. This will also allow us to work with multiple tabs open at the same time without problems.

Like other browsers, Firefox browsing history via shows automatically as suggestions the URLs that we previously visited in the address bar when you write there.

If we wish that this does not happen we must visit the page in question from the suggestions offered by Firefox, and once deployed the site click on the “Delete” key with which will be deleted permanently.