Try On Makeup to Hide the Bags Under Your Eyes

Bags under the eyes are imperfection that makes it look off. Behold, how to fix with the right makeup!

The bags under the eyes, like the occhiai and are a very common problem. Can be hereditary or micro circulation problems light, but the common denominator is the water retention. How to hide the bags under my eyes with makeup? Follow our tutorials and will be child’s play.

Hide the bags under your eyes: what is needed

  • Orange Checker
  • Foundation of the same color of the face
  • Face powder

Hide the bags under your eyes: how to make

  1. Apply the concealer onto the area in shadow, which will thus be less bluish tint, eyebrow and the hairline.
  2. Apply your Foundation on the area swells and fades with the spelling so as to avoid any color detachment.
  3. Pass the powder to fix everything and make uniform the complexion.

Advice, to lessen eye bags you can use creams made from gotu Kola, green tea and butcher’s broom, all plants known for their draining properties. Even the wraps with bags of Chamomile are quite effective. Just prepare the traditional BREW, let cool slightly and hold for 20 minutes, squeeze out bags on the eyes.