TV German Deluxe: fraudulent iOS App

The programs on Apple’s app store are considered particularly safe, as the company undergoes each application scrutiny before she customers to download is available. Apple here but above all checks to see whether the particular app is free from malicious software. Not the main criterion is whether the app description corresponds to the truth. Users who have already downloaded the application and exhausted, may submit in the app store reviews for the program and assess the quality. On the basis of these assessments, other users later decide whether download the appropriate app or not.
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Abuse of app reviews

The app TV German Deluxe takes advantage of this scoring system for fraud. The paid app for iPhone and iPad promises users the access to German-speaking television stations such as ProSieben or Arte. After the purchase for 0.89 euro app users urges positive to evaluate the application in the store, unlock to all TV stations. Many iOS users follow this statement and so the app make it almost five stars after nearly 5,000 reviews. There is no additional programs for the users but by the rating. More than that, Although the application is subject to a charge, users can see only channels that are anyway free online.

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Conclusion: fraudulent app

Summary is clear: TV Deluxe is a fraudulent application that is swindled by false promises good reviews in the app store. Every penny you spend for this app, is one too many. If you already have paid for the program, claim the purchase and return your application. There’s a problem with Apple specifically report Web page. Here, log in, select the appropriate program from the app list and justify the return. You will find an explanation of the complaint at Apple computer picture.