Two Organizations of the Wireless Charging Goes Together

Two of the major players within the Wireless charging is now work together to improve Wireless charging in the future.

The Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) and Power Matter Alliance (PMA) announced earlier this week by entering into a partnership that will make them able to offer better features over a wide comb for future wireless charging.

This means that two out of the three largest organizations for Wireless charging now apparently is ready to work together, outside Wireless Consortium’ Qi.

PMA is behind a number of initiatives that have give Starbucks and McDonalds around the world stations with Wireless charging. A4WP behind the Rezence technology as they themselves call the next generation of wireless charging that allows to charge devices through thicker surfaces and makes it easier to charge multiple devices at the same time. Both companies will adopt each other’s specifications.

In their press release tells that this initiative will help to accelerate the development of wireless technology that can work across ecosystems, a critical point when technology must be absorbed by the general public.