Types of Hats

Whether this is the hat of David Beckham, whether fashion is preserved from the time of Audrey Hepburn or you’re into leather aviator hats. Favorite models knitted hats assemblages, motifs from Paris and Toulouse Lautrec time come again to reveal the unknown world of this accessory.

Types of Hats

Types of Hats

  • How to choose a hat – one of the hats hit of the season is that of David Beckham. The advantage here is that his fans can choose the model hat in your favorite color.

Aviator hats – it is a familiar leather hat which pilots of the First World War and their followers of the Second World War wore on their planes. Today in cities can see many young girls and boys who wear aviator hats.

Snapback – this is the typical man’s hat, which in recent years has become a fashion accessory for women. The snapback is available in vintage style on Internetages with different shapes, colors and fabrics. It is an expression of freestyle.

Hat – fedora and Panama are total fashion accent, but not negligible and cowboy hat. With proper coat, you will always be in fashion.

Copyright hats – do you remember the style of Audrey Hepburn. This winter fashion scene spectacular returned minimalist hats but Audrey accompanied by boots with high heels and red blush makeup.

Hat sheared fur – if you saw the advertisement for perfume Kenzo presented by Paloma Picasso, then surely you saw this pattern hat on her head. Daughter of the famous Picasso presented a unique hat with sheared fur, which returned to the catwalk reminding known already ushanka.

History of Hats

Renaissance and hats – these are models that later became a sign of prestige, style and panache. In some countries they were heading in the church hierarchy and an indicator of social status.

Who wore hats in the past – in the past hats worn by creative, military leaders Bohemians. Even Napoleon, Hatters developed their craft in headgear and so laid the foundations of the personality of the individual expressed through the hat.

Revolution hats – here undoubtedly talking about cap. This is reserved “brand” Levin, and later became a hat workers.

French hat – even the familiar contemporary French hat originates from medieval beret. It was called Phrygian cap and benefited from the Persians during the French Revolution. Symbolized liberty, equality and fraternity.

Curious Things

The most famous hat – one of the most famous masters Hatters considered Irishman Philip Tracy. His hat is unlike conventional models. Each of them was a real work of art. His inventions triumph on the catwalk and supporting part of the dresses of Paco Rabanne, Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagerfeld. Celebrities like Camilla Parker Sarah Jessica Parker, Duchess of Cornwall, Grace Jones and Lady Gaga are ladies who have the confidence and the confidence to wear hats of Tracy.

Legend of the hat – you know, that hat appeared since man appeared. Winding constituted the first hats are webs of animal skin. Used mainly to protect from the cold, worn as costumes and were part of the folklore.