Understand All about Backpacks and Their Ways of Use

Understand all about backpacks and their ways of use. In this regard, we will show you how to choose the most appropriate model, considering the needs of comfort and safety. You will also know the characteristics of the ideal child backpack, that is, that does not pose risks to the child’s health.

The main function of the backpack is to help people carry various objects in an easy, practical and healthy way. Usually we choose our backpacks based on aesthetic and economic factors, hardly taking into account our health when using this type of accessory.

It is known that there are numerous  models and values ​​of backpacks in the market, some of them more appropriate for certain types of activities, such as mountaineering, work or study. And for all these situations there is a correct way of using it.

Understand All About Backpacks And Their Ways Of Use

Although the adults know the right way to carry the backpack, they do not care much about it. Sometimes this simple fact of ignoring the details propitiates the pains in the body.

To avoid these types of problems, some care is needed, especially in childhood, at a time when the body is in training and deserves more attention. Children will not worry about health because they do not even understand, they will simply choose the backpack with the most beautiful print, so the part of the special care should be the adult.

There are some handy tips on how to use the school backpack. First it is recommended to leave the heavier objects in the background. It is also advisable not to leave the strap too long and avoid wrong posture when moving with the backpack. If the use is not respected, the child may suffer from health problems.

What Are The Important Factors When Choosing A Backpack?

In order to choose a backpack it is necessary to take into account several factors. Issues such as weight, straps, size and length are strictly relevant when choosing a backpack for both children and adults.

It is important that you understand everything about backpacks and their modes of use, but it is also worth considering some factors to get right in choosing. Check it:

Weight-It is extremely important that there is no excess weight, ideally it should carry up to 10% of the person’s body weight, for example, if an adult is 58 kilos, the backpack should weigh a maximum of 5.8kg.

Shoulders-should be thick and padded, not to cause too much friction and balance the weight equally on the shoulders.

Size-always proportional to the size of the person, so that it is close to the column.

Length-Should not exceed trunk width, shoulder height and waist.

The ideal backpack is one that does not have so many compartments, so the child does not carry unnecessary items to school. It also has padded straps, which make using it much more enjoyable. In the case of trolley models, it is very important that the wheels are wide, to facilitate locomotion on different surfaces.

It is extremely important to be aware of the problems that bad use of the backpack can cause. The sooner the bad habits are corrected, the lower the possibility of back pain and injury.

A great tip for small children is to use wheeled backpacks, which are easier to carry and do not detract from the spine.

Understand all about backpacks and their ways of use as this will ensure a healthy growth for your child. Choosing the right model prevents back, nerve and joint pain.