Vegetable Garden Made With PET Bottles

See How Simple And Practical It Is To Reuse PET Bottles To Create A Home Garden, And Thus Have A Healthier Diet.

Having a home garden where we can grow natural spices and vegetables is a great way to ensure a healthier food for the whole family, and provide a very important monthly savings in the current day.

And one of the ways to create a small garden at home or apartment, spending little and with a good use of space is with the use of PET bottles, which can be reused for planting vegetables, vegetables, homemade spices or even flowers, which will bring many benefits to our home.

Another advantage of using PET bottles is the preservation of the environment, because each PET bottle that is thrown in the wild, can take up to 450 years to decompose.

Tips To Make Your Garden With PET Bottles

To plant your home garden with PET bottles at home can be used bottles of all sizes, which must be cleaned before we start our work.

According to writingles, then they can be cut into several shapes, such as diagonally, vertically or even with only one opening in the middle, depending on the garden model you plan in your home. Hence it is necessary to make holes in the tips, to hang your garden in an airy place, that can receive sun a good part of the day, and also holes in the base, so that the water does not accumulate in the plants.

From there to set up your garden you just have to check the tips of this video, presented by Marcelo, from the Hand Made portal, which will show you the details of how to build your garden with PET bottles, in a simple and very practical:

Vegetable Garden Models Made With PET Bottle

Here are some models of vegetable garden made with PET bottles, in various formats and models, and can be grown in houses and apartments, even those with little space for cultivation: