Very Cute T-Shirts at Suiteblanco

The t-shirts, these garments with timeless messages that define us more than we think. In Jezebel man we love to ask us questions about t-shirts because we believe that they are an excellent vehicle for transmission of our tastes and ways of being. Therefore, whenever we have chance, we give to know the news that the different brands are launching of this eternal garment.

In this case, it is the turn of Suiteblanco, who has released a small line of t-shirts with the Mono as the protagonist. And as we know that all the wild like you, we could not help teach it. Do you dare to be monkey with Suiteblanco t-shirts?

By 9,99 EUR You can get these t-shirts that APE is the protagonist. What do you think of you?

But as always we have alternatives for all tastes, you can that you prefer this other shirt, with a very ‘Mono’ lion in command of your bike. Do you get to get your Mono side or your wild side?

T-shirts are always welcome to Jezebel man. Do you think of Suiteblanco?