Vintage and Retro Accessories

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Our subject today is about accessories, we know that in addition to composing and accessories adorn the looks, can enrich, and, the visual, reinforcing even more to your personality, whatever it may be.

Vintage and Retro Accessories

In addition to complement the look, in some cases the attachments can be protagonists in visual, changing for a basic look with full and turning it into an authentic and stylish!

The vintage accessories is an indispensable item in wardrobe female or male, as well as being attractive in visual you can enjoy it in different looks. But we must be mindful not to fall in the exaggeration in time to make the production: combine parts and neutral colors with the most striking accessories or delicate accessories with clothing items that stand out more, so there is no risk of error.

As we talked about in the previous post about the retro fashion, current trend, let’s take a moment to talk about vintage and retro style accessories, are accessories that trace back to years ago with shades and specific formats. An idea for those who want to adopt the retro fashion but don’t know how, is start with accessories and option is not lacking!

The retro accessories, are new parts with inspirations in past parts, a retelling of earlier times, vintage accessories are original pieces of past decades.

What’s great is that the two types of accessories combine also with contemporary pieces, so don’t risk seems to be dressed for any theme party and Yes, stay stylish in the present day.

Split up some accessories with a retro cool air, you can compose different looks:


The hats, as well as has commented on previous posts, are classic accessories, used in different eras and that remain.

Some models were icons and became references such as the Clochê model of 20 years, the Pork Pie of 30 years, the Coco of years 50 and the Floppy of years 70.

Clochê: Born in France in the 20, the clochê model to date is a success among women, was considered at that time a symbol of emancipation. Its name comes from the French “Bell”, by your account remember the format object. The model can be accompanied by buckles, laces, ribbons or flowers. The typical model of winter can be used during the day or night.

Pork Pie: The model had your heyday in the years 30 and 40, quite used by musicians of Jazz and Blues, gained fame on account of saxophonist Lester Young. Despite the male air, the model Pork Pie is also very used by women, matching looks of summer and also winter.

Crumpets: the hard hat, short and curved brim and rounded Cup, was much used by men in the late 19th century, but, years later became popular among the female audience, becoming today one of the strong trends in the fashion universe.

Floppy: Sweetheart of fashionistas and fans of festivals, the model emerged in the years 60, but was popularized years 70 to be used by the French actress Brigitte Bardot. The accessory, which returned to the sets currently, won many fans, among them the actress Bruna Majmudar which is adept at this incredible trend.


In addition to being a very useful accessory because your protection against ultraviolet rays, it gives a different air to any production. Over the years, models of glasses went through several changes, marking the decades with their styles. Today, we can find several retro models reminiscent of fashion models of the years 60, 70 and 80.

The glasses style 60 years had different formats, from something more conservative to something fancier. The “Kitty” style template that is in fashion and in the face of the girls of today was in the years 60, known as Cat Eye became trend after the premiere of big movie that used the famous accessory with this design.

Already in the years 70, rounded shapes emerged in fashion. The model is best known for being used by John Lennon and Ozzy Osbourne. These days, Mary Kate Olsen and Lady Gaga are some celebrities familiar to the model.

In the years 80 Wayfarer model was successful. Created in the decades of 50 and 60 the model did not have much success and fell into oblivion in the years 70, but in 80 years the Ray-Ban decided to invest again in the model, when the Wayfarer had your greatest insertion, starring in several Hollywood films.


The headband known as the famous “track that passes in the head”, or on the forehead, is the type of accessory that never goes out of style, and is also an item that gives a up to the visual. The accessory was a fever in the years 60 and 70 used by Hippies. What’s great is that the retro character accessory arose in Greece, in the form of a Crown of leaves. The Greeks used the Crown to appoint someone on special occasions and was taking various forms over time.

The headbands or bandannas give a rather retro touch to the visual, common among rock audiences, the accessory is a success between the male and female audience. Celebrities such as Axl Rose, Bon Jovi, and Amy Winehouse popularized the play, becoming increasingly common the your use.

Currently the girls wear the accessory such as tiara, there are also models with applications to flowers, Glitters, sequins, studs, and braided embroideries. The attachment came to prominence in the look. The prop has a certain originality, Yes, you can change the template leaving you to your face!


 The scarves were trend in 40 years, in the style “rockabilly”, fashion scarves look stripped and informal to visual. The play, practical and versatile, allows to increase various looks, from the casual to sophisticated.

These were some tips on retro accessories that can be used in the present day to complement your look and are champions of late night games to find. Bet on elegance and your choice!

In write, give tips and suggestions!