Vintage Outfit

Grandma’s tablecloth? No – this is really a dress. I don’t how I did it, because white with “Gossip Girl” have I been nothing on the hat and dress from the collection by Anna Sui for target, which was inspired by the series. A little luck find on eBay – because the collection was probably extremely popular have been.

I combined have the dress with my single SALE shopping, the beautiful “Lucie”-Boots by opening ceremony, the I not only because of the name, but I bought mainly because of extraordinary color. As a result, they are of course not so easy to style such as black or brown boots, but it’s definitely doable (follow the evidence, I have already several times wearing it and diligently photographed!) and the best selling point is that they are wonderfully soft and comfortable, of course.
Yet to complete the whole vintage touch according to, of looks I – have to the icy cold fit out there – combined gloves to do this, have you heard my grandmother, and held my lips in a similar color as the shoes.

My grandmother’s tablecloth? No – that’s really a dress. I don’t even remember how I got it. it’s from Anna Sui’s “Gossip Girl” collection for target and I don’t even watch the series. It what a lucky find on eBay – especially, because the collection which is very popular.

I combined the dress with my buy only SALE – the gorgeous “Lucie” boots from opening ceremony, which I did not only buy because of their name but, above all, because of their very special color. It doesn’t make it that easy to style them (like black or brown boots), but it’s definitely possible (I’ll show you a few outfits with them!). Plus they’re very soft and comfy.
To complete that vintage touch of my outfit, I wore some leather gloves that belonged to my grandmother and chose a lip color that is similar to the boots.