Water With Glamor

Talking about drinking water this summer is, without a joke, raining in the wet. Everyone talks, everyone glorifies, but few people do – really. I am a being the part in this world because I LOVE water, I have already shown the moringas that I have next to the beds, the bottle that I have in the office, at last I am an island surrounded by water of all the sides.

But to put more steam in this discussion, follow some data, adapted from the excellent text of Melissa Setubal:out site.

We get more productive when we drink water: a hydrated brain concentrates better. Did you know that some headaches can be symptoms of lack of water?

Intestines without functioning may also be symptoms of lack of water in our organism – the living eye!

Persistent hunger (!): This, to me was the greatest revelation. This hunger, without apparent explanation, may be the way our body seeks to draw water from food, since it is not getting it in liquid form. Impressive, is not it?

How to know how many glasses of water to drink throughout the day? We have the classic “recipe” of 2 liters a day, but I also found it very nice and consistent this formula that relates the weight of a person to the amount to be ingested:


What argument do you need to drink more water? Glamor?

This is the decorative idea then! How about replacing old bottles of water, plastic or even glass without much care, for liqueurs? Note that I am not referring to those crystal liqueurs, which are very expensive and heavy, but to those pieces of glass that we find even in stores of 1.99. In general they are accessible and come with a plastic clasp that seals the utensil very well.

I had bought these liqueurs for the cottage as an alternative to serving juice-which I never did. This summer I put water in them and used them both in our meals – it adds a touch of luxury – when I set them down next to the beds. It was really cool!