Westwing Guide Tonatural Light

Sunlight is fundamental to our health and to the functioning of the body, being the source of obtaining vitamin D, responsible for achieving the absorption of calcium in our body, strengthening the bones. If office evenings and car rides prevent you from contacting natural light, the large windows at home keep us in harmony with our inner and outer space. In addition to doing well for the body, natural light is great for the pocket. If your home receives a good flow of natural light during the day, lighting costs will be lower.

Knowing the benefits of natural light, Westwing teaches you how to enjoy it to the fullest, and also explains why it is so important in our day-to-day life, how to warm the house and help with makeup and dressing.Check out our tips!

Benefits of natural light

According to lightinghowto, natural light in addition to helping our health, is able to improve our mood and reduce the effort made by our eyes. It also leaves the rooms more cozy and warm in the winter. The presence of natural light is also economically positive for your home, because by now light, it does not require that the artificial lights are on during the day. To optimize sunlight in the house to be built or purchased, make sure that the windows are facing south.

How To Light A Room Without Daylight

If there is a room in your house that does not reach the natural light, either through windows or through doors, or if your room is small, here are some tips to illuminate your environment.

  1. The installation of light fixtures on rails or spots brighten the room and give the feel of natural light beams. Remove bulbs and lamps that spread horizontal light.
  2. Floors and light walls spread the light, brightening the room further. If your floor is dark or wood, putting on a light carpet is an option. Dark colors absorb light and even with good lighting, the room will remain dark. On the wall shades of white and light gray may help.
  3. Mirrors brighten and brighten the room. Leave advisories and ornaments stored in the closet if your intention is a bright room. Flower arrangements will give an air of freshness and naturalness to the place, but remember to choose clear flowers.
  4. Bulky and dark furniture diminish and still more the place. Choose simple furnishings and straight lines in light tones. If you do not want to change your dark mobile, put a light colored cape over it.Glass is also a good material for this type of decoration.

Pure Color

Because light is natural and pure, the  light of the Sun does not distort the colors , allowing the actual tones to be perceived. In addition, an environment full of natural light causes fewer shadows. These aspects are ideal for those who want to make themselves or choose the clothes of the day, because the light will not change the color of the pieces and the lack of shadows will allow a cleaner and more natural look to your makeup, facilitating the application. If you do not have natural light in the room, you can imitate it using two lamps, one in blue (cold light) and one in yellow (warm light), which simulate sunlight, and should be positioned facing the object, in this case the face and the body. There are also mirrors that simulate natural light.