What are the Types of Underwear and Which One is Right for You?

The choice of male underwear is just as important as any other clothing or accessory that you use, after all your underwear has to make you comfortable, value your body and not interfere with the costume that you are using. See below what are the models available and which one is right for you:


Underwear Lupo R$29,90 black original slip-Buy here!

The more traditional model and still the most sold in Brazil is dug on the sides, but holds everything in place. The cava can change size according to taste the customer, there are people who like more closed, with a visual held, others more open, as it gives feeling of freedom of movement.

As the slip is the model that fully vista thigh he becomes a good option for those who have short stature, thanks to the visual effect of stretching the legs, on the other hand, who is too high can avoid this type of underwear if you want.

This model does not usually mark under his pants, except when it’s too tight, so be careful in choosing the size.


Kit with 2 panties Duomo boxer gray/blue by R$44,19-Buy here!

Is gaining popularity with the male audience, mainly because of your design that resembles a shorts and keeps the body a little more covered, but, at the same time, more elegant. She’s a friend who’s not with spotted body, but it doesn’t help the fatties, for being too glued to the body. For the altões works very well because it shortens a bit to leg, feature that will surely displease the basses. Who has thin legs until you can wear one of these, but should stay away from very long legs, some reaching almost the mid-thigh.

The boxer does not brand under his clothes, but have a small problem: usually tangling the legs when used with a pair of pants too tight, sometimes doing a small and unpleasant volume at the beginning of the thigh, denouncing that the fabric was accumulated.


Boxer shorts striped R$49,90 by black Mash R$30,99-Buy here!

For those who don’t like anything pressing is the ideal choice, but does not please those who enjoy support. The fatties are privileged by the boxers, because the model does not glue in the body, revealing even more the extra pounds, but for the kids she doesn’t work well and who is too thin you can have lost legs in the midst of so much tissue.

Chino pants or tailoring do better with the boxers, for if trim comfortable and loose in the body do not play ball, and the jeans slim fit Twill pants too tight are not the best choice.

4-Trunk or trunks

Mash underwear Microfiber active gray by R$34,90-Buy here!

Has a medium length between the slip and boxer, IE, I like who wants something more closed, but at the same time gives freedom of movement. The model is very popular among sportsmen for belaying and not catch on the leg.

Does not have the problem of accumulating fabric at the beginning of the thigh, shall not affect who has little stature and not very thins the silhouette of the skinny, however for who is the boxer is still best option.

An eye on details

Elastic waist

The elastic drive has a better footprint, keeping the play always in place, in addition to bend more rarely when we sat down; the elastic more malleable, usually present in sports-oriented underwear, tightens less and is considered more comfortable, pleasing the fatties.

Designer underwear

A lot of people think cool go around showing the elastic with the brand of underwear, but the truth is that this kind of visual only belittles the subject, the man in line know what should be on bottom is not jumping out just to bear a label that, in the vast majority of the time, just put your name in underwear manufactured by Lupo.


Not to have headache bet on neutral colors such as white, black and grey, with the marine and lead also good options. Black or dark skinned people get along well with vibrant colors like yellow, red, Orange and some shades of green. Who is very clearly has problems with beige and Brown washed hues.


Cotton is always a good choice because it is a fabric that breathes well and keeps the body cool, but there are also the dryfit models that control the temperature of the body and does not retain sweat, in addition to these, another success are the panties in a modal Cellulose fiber remains soft and comfortable even after many washings. A few years ago, bamboo fiber has been included in the manufacture of underwear generating a nice product to use and cool, even though hybrid with polyester fibers.