What Can You Do With Bottles

June 5 is world environment day. It is precisely because of this date that people start moving in sustainability actions. I particularly think this move has to be made all year round, day after day. Sustainability must be a habit of a lifetime and not a date. We have so many… This is only a claim of the most basic.

In the Office or at home, Ahmed and I usually implement different actions of sustainability. It’s a habit I acquired some time ago and is already part of our daily lives. We practice the reuse of materials, the conscious consumption and do it yourself. Buy in bazaars and thrift stores and went over what I don’t use. Also donate material for recycling. We do it for so long that it’s almost automatic.

When you practice these actions begins to amaze with the numerous possibilities of these good practices. The reuse, for example. I don’t remember when was the last time we bought plastic or glass jars to organize supplies. Always reaproveitamos the glasses and bottles that were packaging for other products. Including already showed here on the blog some of our ideas for reuse.

The coolest thing is that after certain time reusing, begin to emerge project ideas. And are these ideas that make the whole thing much nicer. It was in this environment week we saw on the web the job of reclaiming the century developed by the company Lucirmás.

The Spanish company raises the flag of Eco Design and handmadeprojects. “We make by hand original objects with 100% recycled glass, offering to the public the quality of a beautiful handmade product,” claims the site. As if that weren’t enough beautiful motto conqueror, the company is responsible for the most perfect bottles cuts I’ve ever seen in my life. The projects are a ridiculously brilliant simplicity. For my text does not summarize the adjectives follow the pictures speak better than I about the work of Lucirmás.

Images: our site.