What Does Retro Mean?

Retro is widely used, but what does it mean? It describes retro fashion, retro dress and vintage.

Retro coming from the French (retro, from rétrospectif), which in turn means that looking back or forward-looking. Today the word is used mainly as breeding at things from an earlier era. In fashion retro mainly used as a retro fashion, retro clothing, retro dress mm. But to describe this even more so retro fashion clothing that has been modern in earlier epochs and can be traced to a typical period of time.

Retro clothing has generally been modern but need not necessarily been popular clothing. The interest in retro clothes is so large it is the reason for an increased individualism of modern humans, these retro clothing and retro dresses are also closely related to the word vintage dress and vintage clothing. The difference of Retro and vinatage is to Vintage clothing is made ​​during epoch while retro clothing may be reproduced, ie newly manufactured clothes and dresses. Should one hårdra so called all newly manufactured for reprokläder, Most retro dresses are new productions or called. Reproductions where fashion is made ​​according to the designs of yesteryear but with today’s modern manufacturing. Most retro clothing and retro dresses that are newly produced with designs from the 50 century and 60 century fashion. All Retro Fashion used in Sweden are used in rockabilly subculture and widely used at car shows or cruising where people meet and socialize in retro cars, often from the same era as retro clothing.