What is E27 LED Bulb?

What is the LED bulb e27?

It is recommended to switch to LED bulbs to achieve significant savings but it is not always easy to choose the LED light color. The led bulb e27 is a bulb of very high efficiency and very bright. Indeed, it will give your room a lot of light with a color rendering index (CRI) greater than 80. Note that this is one of the most used by French households bulbs. Its white color can change from warm white industrial white but generally it is sold as “warm white” yellowish. Its ignition is instantaneous and you save up to 87% more energy than a conventional bulb. This represents significant savings over the medium and long term.His E27 is also very popular because it is the standard size and sales are booming in recent years. A very good product with a good price / quality ratio in the long term.

How to choose the lighting color?
Whatever one can say, there are different white for lighting. It is important to check the lighting temperature before proceeding to the checkout. The temperature of the light is measured in degree Kelvin and it is marked on which you must focus your attention. Indeed, the temperature will determine the color of your lighting:

  • Cool White(White Day), between 6000 ° K and 6500 ° K
  • Neutral white(Natural White), between 4000 ° K and 4500 ° K
  • Warm white, between 2700 ° K and 3500 ° K

White day is recommended for places rather technical such as basements, warehouses or garages. The light will then pull on the blue and do not suit a living room. The cold white is also used for outdoor LED projectors because light is fine. The natural white is the color completely ideal lighting for rooms where good lighting is needed, such as the bathroom or stairs. These lights are used especially for terraces but also highly praised by the shops and malls to showcase their products. Finally,  warm white is comparable to traditional lighting of a conventional bulb and then perfectly suitable for indoors, especially for bedrooms, living room or dining room.

While performing his choice before purchasing!
Please note, many people are attracted by cheap LED bulbs but often of poor quality in the end. Indeed, a low price sometimes means a LED light color or inadequate power. Make sure the number of Kelvin on our product sheets, or directly on the packaging of your LED bulb E27 because you might end up with a blue bulb for your bedroom.

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