What The like I Think The First Collection Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent? The Question of The Week

These days ago, have paid special attention to the first collection of Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent. A first proposal being very commented, in some cases, to very well, and in others, not so much for. That’s why, this week, We want to know your opinion on this.

What did you think of Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent’s first collection?

Saint Laurent spring-summer 2013

Cool ideas, I suggest that you review the two specials that we have dedicated to this matter. At first, I had all the changes made by Slimane in the House. And in the second, I showed the lookbook and the complete collection spring-summer 2013.

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We hope your comments, as always, in the section of ‘ Jezebel man answers ‘. Meanwhile, let’s review what we contasteis about in the question of the week before.

What was your first purchase of autumn?

  • Daniel: Chino beige skinny, gray fitted jacket, card holder engraved leather and shoes in dark brown suede Oxford type. All the day
  • Javier: Today in Purificación García for every purchase another piece of gift, strips a few dice and can touch you pants, a sweater or a shirt.
  • Burges777: I bought a white shirt and I get free other pictures vichy shirt. Pants from H & M color brick and mustard. Red Plaid Shirt thin lines of blue Lacoste.
  • Nano: Two pants, one fine corduroy and the other Tang. Perfect for the cold.