What to Wear with Jeans

“Jeans can be worn at age 18 or 60 then with suspenders” (Walter Jens)

Who does not love the jeans. Often ask my clients the question of which jeans fit my character and how I can fit combine the outfit. I want to give you a brief overview heremore important insider tips, visit my personal style advice.

Jeans you wear more at leisure or in smart casual. I present to you here in front of some of Jean types and which one is best contributes and the Must Have the trends of the current season.

The tube
The tube is Jean slim women best. They can be wonderfully combined with a tight top, a noble blouses or trendy tops and a color matching blazer. Trendy leather jackets or bolero jacket in the summer are also a stylish addition. As footwear I recommend boots, high heels, high heels or ballet flats.

The 7/8 Jeans
It’s perfect for tall women-even if you’re not super slim that 7/8 Jeans (see http://www.lookatthejeans.com/) is a great combination to compensate proportions. Man wearing a loose shell to match the style type and a matching blazer, biker jacket or bolero jacket. Following Shoes see our fabulous-is important that between shoes and jeans leg is shown: Ankle Boots, high heels or mocha Sinos as sporty variant. Particularly stylish is the look over when the upper part in the High and is one carries a at the shoes color coordinated belt.

The bootcut and flared trousers:
These jeans available to all women. I recommend here to incorporate the feminine romantic look with tops in floral print, with patterns or polka dots (dots look). Is combined of the outfit with boots or ankle boots with high heel, the jeans fall loosely over her shoes.

The straight jeans:
Perfect with curvy women. They do best with a classic outfit combine (blouse with matching blazer). For this fit high shoes with block heel, athletic shoes or classic business high heels.

The Boyfriend jeans:
These jeans available to all women and is a very sporty version ….

What polyvinyl bag sets my Po skillfully in effect?

  • Small bags that are close placed centrally on the crotch seam, shapes visually a little ass, well suitable for women with large buttocks
  • large wide bags that are not too close to sit at the center seam outside, carry on.well suited for women with small Po
  • Bags with applications, flaps, patch pockets, thick seams, give volume at a flat Po
  • Slit pockets forms feminine curves, perfect for petite women with little Po
  • Warning: stuck with flap pockets short tops or tops in the pants, schoppt otherwise and does not look good