What Was Your First Purchase of Autumn?: Question of The Week

We are officially fall though, it is true, that for now it seems that he accompanies us good weather. In any case, certain that more than one is gone to check out stores and, in the same way, more than one will have made its first acquisitions of season. We want to know what you have invested your money in the first time purchases of station, If you have given you some whim, we proposed you some few whims, or if on the contrary, you have chosen to renew your basic. That is why, this week ask you.

What was your first purchase of autumn?

We look forward to your responses in this regard as always in the answers section Jezebel man. Meanwhile, review some of the comments that we have left in the question of the week. To me, made me grace especially the comment of Javier, who proposes t-shirts with the Spanish Cinema Heartthrobs as Arturo Fernández, it would certainly be a puntazo….

What famous we find on t-shirts low cost within 30 years?

  • eldrsaleabailar: I do not think that you have to wait 30 years to carry on the chest to Vaquerizo Mario, we have it already in the soup (Campbell), laughter.
  • Javier: Buff, Spanish… as going one MHYV. Seriously, would not surprise me see Ryan Gosling, Jason Statham or Jon Hamm, but it would be nice see t-shirts in Arturo Fernández, Juan Luis Galiardo or Carlos Larrañaga, Gallants of Spanish cinema.
  • Samuel: To see Americans, I prefer our.
  • Heiwaz: A Vaquerizo Mario to the Iggy Pop.