When Can I Get Pregnant Again?

After a pregnancy, or an attempted pregnancy, there is a period of time that must be respected before re-conceiving. During a pregnancy the body adapts to this new moment, and after the end of the pregnancy, it needs to recover.

When Can I Get Pregnant Again?

There are then other factors, which may increase the risk of future complications, which determine an even longer waiting period.

In this article we will explain the normal waiting period in situations such as normal delivery, cesarean delivery or in an abortion situation.

Normal birth

After a normal birth, obstetricians argue the woman can re-conceive after 6 months. Before this period it is possible to become pregnant, however, the body is not yet fully recovered, thus causing various risks for both the mother and the child.

However, the period of time after the pregnancy to have the normal birth, for some obstetricians is ideally two years, because in addition to the woman’s body is already totally redone from the previous pregnancy, and the other child is already old enough to manage better two small children at home.

Cesarean birth (cesarean section)

Obstetricians recommend that the woman only re-conceive after a cesarean delivery after at least 9 months. Since during cesarean section there is a cut of the uterine muscle, it takes at least 270 days until this wound is healed.

Thus, by becoming pregnant only 9 months to 1 year later, there will be almost two years difference between the two deliveries, allowing the uterus to be fully recovered, and with the firmness and elasticity required.


When an abortion, spontaneous or provoked, it is necessary to remove the remains of the placenta and the endometrium of the uterine cavity (curettage). After this process, you should wait for 6 months to a year to resume attempts to conceive, as the uterus takes approximately six months to heal.

So that you do not get pregnant during the first six months, you should use some form of anti-contraception.