Where to Find Retro and Vintage Bikes to Buy

Much has been spoken about the new lanes located in the city of São Paulo, which ensure greater urban mobility and safety of cyclists, but they are also the target of many political discussions. Polemics aside, bicycles have gained more and more adherents in big cities and are a great alternative for those who can’t take it anymore the traffic load and no longer wants to ride in a car or bus.
And along with this new wave of cyclists, are emerging many companies betting on retro and models inspired by the bikes of the past century, or even collectors who decided to remodel their vintage bikes and put them to run again. Some of these models can cost up to more expensive than a modern bike for your innovative and unique design. If the idea is to purchase a template like that here in Brazil, will have to shell out a few bucks – who knows you can’t hit the draw of machine.
One of the brands with retro design that has been highlighting a lot is the Echo Vintage, that just won six versions of bikes with different prints in vintage colors, ranging from the Black & White, Ethnic, Color and Flower. The bikes adhesives has original features of the years 60, with all the charm of the 21 century.
All lines of the brand have a comfortable seat sustained by springs attached, which helps amortize the 28 rim, tire, impactors cream, Bell and headlight/back. It is worth mentioning that women’s bikes of the Echo comes with a cute basket to load objects as well as recessed frame, which facilitates entry on the bike. Prepare the Pocket, the values range from R$ to R$ 2,617 2,477.
There is still the possibility to ride your own bike in the shop Olé Bikes, with the accessories you want, model and favorite color. The basic models can get out for less than 1,000 R$, however, if the idea is to invest more on skinny, the cost could reach more than 2000 R$.
Another brand that has been excelling enough in this market is the Nirve, offering some bike retro models that are known to your comfort and quality and out for less than 2000 R$. The old known Caloi also decided to enter the wave of retro, relaunching models with leading scorers and wicker table demoted. The model of the mark can be found for less than 1,500 R$.
The prices of a vintage bike vary greatly from professional contractor and of the improvements that must be made on the bike. Valley search very well on sites such as Sick and Free Market OLX, because there you can find models already retired or hoping to win a new face. Choose your favorite model and just put the bike in the hands of those who really understands the subject.