While the H&M Is Not Enough

Have a little time that I’m willing to talk about some recent shopping that have made me very happy. In fact, it all started when I was there in Salvador that marriage that I told you I would.

While the H&M Is Not Enough

I went for a walk in the Salvador Shopping and, while waiting for the schedule that had marked to make the hair at the salon, I decided to enter the Renner to take a peek. You know that starters without commitment? Just to know what was in it? As it is, but I found a bunch of beautiful thing.

And I was thinking of how to have a lot of people who have prejudice against these large networks. I think it’s funny the people that turn your face to a Renner here in Brazil and is crazy piriquita at H & M in New York.

I love H & m. I think a super cool brand. Because I can buy good stuff at very good prices (often questionable quality, okay, but is fast fashion we’re talking about, right?). But open the head to brands like Renner, C & A, Riachuelo, Marisa, etc., can be so advantageous as travel to Miami in search of findings.

And I have seen that, increasingly, these brands all mentioned above, are running to raise the level of design of the parts that go into the macaws. Some more, some less, but there is a movement in that direction. OK, we are not yet at the level of promotions of dresses to $4 (and who is a fan of H & M knows that it happens over there), but we’re talking about a cost benefit much better than other brands here in Brazil, right?

So today’s post was chosen to finger, with my cheap finds of recent times. Look some of them down here:

Both shoes are C&A and the pouch (baby maxi of the moment) is Renner.

Then I got carried away and picked up the dress of the C & A the collection of Andrea Marques and a pullover of the C & A because the day’s awkward and it looks like rain.

I thought the combination of tropical print dress got hyper cute with animal print shoes (remember how many times we talked about contrasting prints that are hyper right?).

And the hair stuck was pro dark hair don’t cover the detail of collar showing above the pullover.

And more beautiful? All fitting in your pocket.