Why Water in Glass Bottle Is Hotter?

After writing about the coke I was thinking about the sparkling water. Yes, I could have sworn that the best sparkling waters are those that come in glass bottle. I searched on the web also confirm my thesis, but I haven’t found any record. I decided, then, go straight to the source (sorry, the pun was unavoidable). I called the Silver Waters, identified as a journalist (which I am) and was attended by Mr Moacir Alves, Operations Manager of the company. Alves took all my doubts:

Because the companies sell water in glass and plastic bottle?

Alves – Because the plastic is cheaper and has lower loss index. The glass is more eco-friendly and because of this, in the next few years, the demand for this kind of material should increase.

Based on what the Lord says this?

Adams-we’re feeling a greater consumer awareness. Today we sell 30% of production in returnable packaging and 70% in disposable packing.

The water that comes in plastic bottle is different from what’s in the glass?

Adam-the liquid is the same. What happens is that the PET has a porous wall and is therefore more susceptible to changing taste.

Oh so that’s why? It means that through these pores in plastic for a kind of contamination of flavor?

Adam – Yes, and Moreover, the water will lose a greater rate when gas is in plastic bottle.

Source – the Tao of consumption

Image- Mark in Nashville

Every time we go to a restaurant we do campaign for only use water in glass bottle, just like we ask returnable bottle beer, never on long neck which is not returnable.

Are small acts that educate and change the world. Of course we always have to call the Manager and even this doesn’t understand the importance of returnable packing, complains that there’s got to be place for storage, always use these excuses idiots of lazy people and anything concerned with the health of the planet.

But, after much conversation, usually we can convince the restaurant to have at least the option of returnable, even convince not to ban plastic bottles or long neck.

The work is hard, boring, takes time and patience, but someone has to do it and as we do not believe that others will do the job if we do not, to us, always.