Wild Jeans Fashion

Jeans may be due to one of the most flexible and the most popular things that give women not only style, but also comfort. They have many options: shortening the long, narrow, wide, straight and zauzhennыe-a variety of patterns and shades not only please the eye but also complicate the choice.

So dwell on some models must be based on the specifics of its figure. So full of women is more suitable slinky fasonы and thin – female wide or skinny jeans. Today more and more popular becomes wide variation of denim bryuchin, after all, completely tight pants for so long were current Lady, sure, already managed eager for freedom of movement and romantic negligence style that give broad jeans for girls.

Models of Wide Jeans And Style

  • Wide ladies’ jeans from her hips. Wide jeans from the hips help to recreate the image in style casual: they may have different ornaments in the form of chains or installation. Also jeans, extending from the hips will complement office wardrobe, if they are deprived of the abundance of jewelry. An interesting pattern can be called jeans, a wide belt, which is often decorated with buttons in two rows. Under this style of jeans and can be worn as odnotonnuyu shirt and blouse: it depends on the style. They do not combine sports items: shoes, jerseys and more. Today from such jeans combined with a flat sole shoes, sandals, baletkami, shlepkami. High stud had such jeans seven years, so this season is preferable to opt out of this duo to not pass person I moveton – the norm.
  • Wide rэperskie jeans. Often these are wide jeans with pockets, however, this is not the main feature of these pants, their main difference from others in width and location of motni. Bryuchinы these jeans are very wide, can zauzhivatysya down and motnya is loose and can be at the level of the knees. Such jeans combined with krossovkami, kedami and wide futbolkami. Strap in rэ perskih jeans necessary accessory. Wide jeans pipes, also apply to hip-hop style, and they can zauzhivatysya below: in this case the model look more feminine and perfectly combines not only futbolkami but with shirts in the cell, and feather jackets .
  • Fashion broad jeans. Today popular direct wide women’s jeans: they may have zanizhennuyu or average height of the waist.Jeans with wide shtaninami rotated upward slightly above the ankle, creating a sloppy way with the help of irregularities length of the leg. Ripped jeans and very wide today increasingly can be seen on the stars that play an important role in shaping fashion.