Windows Phone 7 Mango Comes to Developers, Tango and Apollo Will Be The Following

Microsoft It is making available for developers Windows Phone 7 Mango from today. Presented at the end of last may, the mobile operating system of the Redmond software update includes support for multitasking, an enhanced web browser with support for HTML5, better tools for communication and what’s new in system startup screen.

It is expected that handle is available for download for end users during the last months of this year. Following the same strategy as many other manufacturers, Microsoft provides access to the future platform early in order that the developers can work on more than 500 improvements introduced by the update. In this way can be more than possible that by the time that you install it in our terminals already exist applications that will serve as a great part of these new developments.

On the other hand, it seems that we already have a code name for which could be the next software update for Windows Phone 7. Under the name of Tango, that evolution takes place which initially was given to Apollo, which is under development and will not see the light until well advanced in 2012.

About news that Tango could be incorporated, there is nothing confirmed, and worthy of review at the moment, except that the Taiwanese company Compal has already signed an agreement with Microsoft for use licenses These updates, since it will also the production of the first Nokia terminals equipped with Windows Phone 7