Windows Phone Tango Could Be a Specific Version for Low-End Terminals

Recently we announced that the Update Windows Phone 7 Mango It was already at the gates of distributing their first terminals. I have also been progressing that Microsoft was preparing a intermediate version, called Tango, that it would come out in early 2012 and before the next great version of the operating system, named at the moment as Apollo.

As well, recent rumors suggest that Tango is not exactly an update to handle, but a lightened version of the operating system specially designed for less powerful and more affordable terminals.

As theory, the vocation of Tango towards the lower segments of terminals, it makes sense. First because far Windows Phone was limited to smartphones, so it was losing a market of enormous, and second by the recientre maneuver Nokia announced that it will not market more terminals Symbian on American soil.

If the assumptions do not fail, Tango will be the operating system that carries the new batch of Windows Phone phones that Nokia is going to sneak into the United States. So far, the American market has meant a minimum percentage (1.7% according to the latest study) of its global sales. The company expects to raise that portion of the cake with his landing in the hands of Microsoft.