Winter Fashion for Pregnant Women

The cold is already beginning to arrive in some regions of the country, which means that it is time to remove the married from the bottom of the closet.However, if you are pregnant and if your belly is already grown, it is possible that some pieces are no longer useful and others are tight and uncomfortable.

So, it’s time to renovate the wardrobe and invest in warm, comfortable, beautiful and stylish pieces that enhance the tummy and leave you quite at ease.Do not know exactly what fits well or what will be on the upcoming season?Here are some options:


Dresses are great companions for pregnant women when temperatures drop.They are quite feminine and mark the silhouette in measure.For mild temperature days, long sleeve models do well to warm up in style.If the cold is intense, the solution is to wear with pantyhose.

The dresses for pregnant women are usually more tender just below the bust, leaving them very comfortable, without tightening the belly.

Tight blouses

If you like to wear more body-hugging sweaters, no problem.To balance and leave the look warm and comfortable, wrap in coats made of wool or soft fabrics and yummy to wear, more loose.

They are great even to disguise the extra pounds.

Bright colors

The light colors arrived to stay. In winter the predominant color chart has black and other dark colors as protagonists, but this does not stop to create interesting looks with lighter colors. Bet on nude, off white, gray.

Clothing & Accessories

The bibs, long used in the 1990s, are back.The future moms most fashionistas will love the idea – they provide good accommodation for the bully.

Bats are always welcome, including in winter.