With Lenovo’s Going Well: Lots Sold Products, Large Earnings

Lenovo has had a great year thanks to their mobile division. Turnover sets record and earnings increases.

Lenovo is the world’s largest supplier of personal computers, but an incredibly large amount of the company’s growth comes from the mobile world.

The Chinese giant has reported an amazing final quarter of 2013. Earnings have risen by 30 percent compared with the previous year-to 265 million dollars. This increase can partly be attributed to the huge sales of tablets and phones.

Smartphone sales increased by 47 percent to 13.9 million and the number of sold tablets was tripled to 3.4 million, among other things, their Yoga tablets are flown over sales drives.

Lenovo has managed to close the year with the highest turnover ever, 10.8 billion, corresponding to an increase of 15 percent. Revenue followed suit with an increase of 30 percent to 265 million dollars. Something more than the 247 million dollars analysts had expected.

It will be incredibly exciting to see what Lenovo can drift out of Motorola’s business as they bought recently.