WWDC: Apple Presented Among Other Things “Icloud”

At the developers Conference WWDC in San Francisco, Apple presented a number of new software updates. Apple fans were disappointed only in the point that the”iPhone 4S / 5″ was not mentioned. For Apple finally unveils its long-announced data storage service with “iCloud”.

We introduce what is new and better. And also that which is maybe something critical to look at.

Especially the new data storage service “iCloud” should bring some significant improvements in the Apple users. So several devices can be synchronized for free over the net. “iTunes” will in the future not so important more as previously occupy. Via WLAN or UMTS iPhone, iPod and iPad can now

enable. The “cloud service” was much disktutiert in advance. Remains to be seen whether the “cloud” is also complying with the promised features.
“iCloud” “Mobile me” replaces the old familiar service. Users had to pay so far 79 euro a year, to their email, contacts and calendar entries on PC, Mac, to sync iPad and iPhone. That should now be different with “iCloud” and be free.

Another advantage is that Apple makes available its server as a storage medium. Everything that has ever songs on iTunes, books, apps and images uploaded on the customer or purchased, stored at Apple. The data available free of charge on up to ten devices then available. It even files should be recognized with the new service “iTunes match”, not on iTunes have been purchased and are automatically added to. However this service costs $25 a year and the storage volume is limited to 5 gigabytes. The big advantage of the “cloud service”: Should it lose its iPhone or iPad, you can transfer its complete data on its new Smartphone. One has his data anytime, anywhere. You are constantly available. The downside: Apple stores all data of the respective customers!

The new Mac operating system “Lion” will be from July as a download on the Mac app store available exclusively the Apple customers. It should be available for 29 euro and is therefore very good value for money. “Lion” (OS X 10.7) offers Mac users among other things a new version of “Mail” and an optimized Task Manager, called “Mission Control”. Convenient, the new multitouch gestures, with which the user are his Mac even easier than before can navigate via Magic Trackpad.

Also comes, probably in the autumn, finally the long-promised update for the operating system of the iPhone and iPad. iOS is polished up and offers a few improvements. iOS 5 comes with the user over 200 new features. The Messenger program iMessage for example facilitates communication between iOS users in the future. You can send each other files and messages. The reader now also finally mobile function can be used. This program allows you to hide annoying ads or similar when you call a Web site.