Xiaomi Saca Chest in China: Is The Manufacturer with Largest Market Share in The Country

A couple of months ago Huawei claimed that it was the company that more smartphones in China. It was surprising that data given does not appear Xiaomi in top positions, but according to analysts, this was due to that the information about this company was not updated with the most recent results. Now, Counterpoint Technology Market Research It puts them in the top again.

According to this consultant, Xiaomi is today the manufacturer with largest market share in China (14.7%) with a small distance from the following competitors: Apple (14.1%) and Huawei (14%). These data is striking the fragmented market and how difficult that is to claw market share to other companies.

Xiaomi retrieves the hegemony in China

Data from this study is the difference between the top 3 manufacturers in China and the next on the list. Samsung is fourth with only 8% of the Chinese market. It should be noted that among the most popular are live and Oppo, small companies continue to grow and threaten the hegemony of more established companies.

Interestingly the advantage of Xiaomi as the best-selling manufacturer in China does not translate then into being the number one in other associated services. Recently we saw a market study on the different app stores that exist in the country. Xiaomi came out not bad stop but walked away from those that most users have.

Good news for a Xiaomi to It still does not give clues about its future international expansion. It continues to draw attractive terminal but here we go bored of his small steps to enter other countries. We will see if in 2016 the situation changes, but right now what we all expect from this company is the renewal of its top, probably the first mobile which debuts Snapdragon 820.


Xiaomi is turning to an old-fashioned tactic to sell …

Xiaomi is turning to an old-fashioned tactic to sell ...

Source: qz.com