Yet Netflix on Samsung’s Old Smart TV Models

Now comes there anyway Netflix on some of Samsung’s “old” Smart-TV. See if you’re lucky.

All TV producers seemed to agree that Netflix should only be launched in their 2012 TV models, but now Samsung goes solo.

As we earlier today told, you have to hack his Samsung TV to get Netflix on 2010 and 2011 models from Samsung. But now Samsung has changed meaning.

Across from our site Samsung confirms that the company now will give access to Netflix, if you are the lucky owner of a Samsung TV in the D7000 or D8000 series from 2011.

As you know, a little better than no thing, but as it stands right now, the owners of Samsung TV in D6000 series as well as owners of 2010 models (C-models) still look for Netflix in the directory.

Neither Sony, Philips, Panasonic or LG offers at a time Netflix in their former television models, in addition to TV from 2012.