You Release Yet for Duty as DSB-Mobile User

You can breath a sigh again, if you fear running out of power under the train ride. You do not have to pay a penalty anyway.

Earlier today, we brought a story from Metroexpress that you as a traveller in the DSB trains ends with a 750 NOK fee if your smartphone is running out of power, even though you can showcase your ticket after the following. After having been in dialogue with the DSB, it turns out not to be correct, and that is why we are up on the flaw with this article.

Customers with electronic tickets in the form of SMS, electronic voucher or apps from the itinerary and DSB is not worse off than other customers. It was otherwise what Metroexpress yesterday claimed in an article that was brought in the media around.

You release for 750 kroner in tax, if your phone lacks power

DSB has responded to these claims and says that you can easily avoid the 750 dollars expensive charge.You can subsequently contact DSB’s customer service to prove that you were in possession of a valid ticket during the journey.

Christian Linne desire, Dsb Chief of sales and product marketing, says:

“You will not be able to show a valid ticket at the time of inspection, you will receive a fee of 750 dollars.When you’ve got the power on your phone again, you must contact the DSB’s customer center and tell them that you actually had a ticket, and you can prove it, you get written down the tax to a fee of 125 kroner “.

Tax on 750 crowns you can so seamlessly get removed, but for the DSB expedition of the proceedings you must pay 125 dollars in the form of a processing fee.

“So if you can prove that you had a valid ticket on your mobile, because it ran out of power, then you get so depreciated tax-it is completely the same for our other customers,” he says to BT.

The problem with smartphones that run out of power during the journey, is also not as extensive as first thought. He says at the end:

“My impression is that the customers are very good to have power on the phone. And if they are unfortunate, they are helped by this one rule that they can contact the Customer Center afterwards “.