Zara Fall 2012: Best Trends Seen in Jackets for This New Season

No doubt, two of the major trends This autumn/winter 2012 season in terms of jackets and shelter, have been tacks (general metallic accessories) and the padding. Both are fundamental in two types of styles and completely different records but who hit equally on the street, in stores and in the street-stylers. So if you want to get on the train of the trends and the season must, take a look to the options offered by Zara.

Padded for all

The tendency of the pads It is one of the most popular in autumn. The English countryside style is quite helpful and not only removed party to the palettes of earthy and pastel colors as background, but it also has a broad array of details that ultimately invade all the windows: elbow pads, shoulder pads, patchwork leather works, printed in Wales box or box vichy… a multitude of possibilities that are combined with colors drainpipe trousers, Chinese in shades of creams and shirts and pastel t-shirts.

Tacks, the add-in rock

Another trend that Zara has decided to include in its fall collection have been the metal appliques, namely tacks. Mainly it uses leather and denim as a canvas, but we find it in all kinds of clothing and materials. In the shoulders, in the finishes… the result is a much more casual style and rocker that combines perfectly with darker palettes, drainpipe in black or grey trousers and thigh high boots. The options that we have are just as large as good.