3 Hacks That will Spread Your Shoes Too Small

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The sale is in full swing, red letters and numbers are shining all over the shop windows.  The temptation is great and we can not resist. There also wandering spontaneously one or the other pair of shoes into the shopping bag in the hope”they will fit”! At home arrived then the shock! The Superschnäppchen is obviously too small, it presses on the big toe and rubs at the heels. 

If your size-fail is leather shoes, we have collected five tricks for you, which can help and spread the shoes:

1. Wool socks and a hair dryer

Find a thick pair of socks, put them on and slip into the new shoes. Now you reach the foehn. In the places where the shoe presses, you blow until the leather softens and adapts to the foot.

2.Frozen yogurt, place there! Now comes Frozen Shoe!

Exactly according to the principle that tights can be made more elastic by freezing, the too tight shoes are simply filled with water-filled freezer bags. By freezing the liquid, the leather expands and gently stretches the material of the shoe.

3. Also applying lotion can help

All you need for the third trick is a little cream, which you have anyway in the bathroom. Lubricates the narrow treads sparingly from the inside, slips into old socks and walks for a while. Thus, the material is gently stretched.


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