4 Essential Tips for a Wedding Decoration with Perfect Candle!

Delicacy, sophistication and warmth, the candles are able to totally transform the wedding decoration. Here’s how to use them on your Big Day!

Responsible for lots of charm and warmth in the decor, candles are increasingly included in weddings. This is because, in addition to the beauty they confer, they can be used in any proposal of marriage, from the most classic and traditional to the more relaxed, such as boho chic . Learn how to add them to your wedding decor!


  1. For those who want to leave the wedding more cozy and romantic

The candles alone give a special air to the place. “They are used to make the environment more cozy and romantic. The preferred ones are the hanging ones, in delicate little pots of glass, because they give a super romantic air of a starry sky. However in some spaces there is no possibility to suspend candles. With this, the decoration is full of candlesticks and floor lamps “, explains the specialist of Madame Fiori.

  1. You can use them in different ways

With no restrictions on the combination of furniture and colors, candles can be used in a variety of ways according to Weddingsupplychain: hanging, in sconces, lamps, on the floor, in combination of arrangements and centerpieces, on the bride’s path, in the trees, in gardens, and many options. The only detail is that, of course, they are expendable and not recommended in daytime weddings

  1. Sail for everyone!

“The candles match any type of decoration. But if the event does not extend until dusk, we consider them to be unnecessary, since they will not be lit. At nighttime events, however, they are imperative. Just like the flowers, you can not miss the decoration”, comments the consultant Sylvia Queiroz.

For the most classic proposals, according to Madame Fiori experts, the most appropriate is to include the candles in crystal or silver candlesticks , thus guaranteeing sophistication and lightness in the decoration. For flowers, mosquitoes, lilies rand orchids are good options. At more relaxed weddings, using candles on tables in colorful glass pots-accompanying the color palette of the decor-are excellent options to make the atmosphere more cozy.

“Where there is an arrangement of flowers, it can be supplemented with candles.At winter events, the use can be intensified, because in addition to lighting, they will also help warm the environment, “says Sylvia Queiroz.

  1. But, attention! Using candles in the decor demands attention!

Candles are delicate items, as a lack of attention to detail can cause accidents and spoil the Great Day.”It’s essential to be careful, like ensuring that the candles do not get too close to the ventilation and air vents, as this can erase them, making it difficult to ignite them again,” explains Sylvia.

Candles in the pot

It is also necessary, according to the expert, to ensure that the candles are in glass pots and, when used in candlesticks, always accompanied by maidens, so it is possible to keep them lit by any event without running the risk of catching fire in flowers or menus when used at guest tables.


Another important observation is the height of the candles. It is essential that they are not available to guests or very close to awnings, tents and plants, which ensures that there are no accidents.

Professional choice

To guarantee an eye-catching decoration and with great security, Sylvia Queiroz indicates a special care when choosing the professional decoration.”Ask the decorator to use all possible security.Although they help to beautify the environment and provide much warmth, the flames are an instrument that can cause a fire.This care should be redoubled in case of events that will receive many small children, “concludes the counselor.