50 Million Symbian 3 Smartphones-Nokia’s New Targets Are

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And that is acquired nine Smartphone Nokia N8seems to so far so often under the wheels. The ease of use of the touch screen to Nokia standards set new standards and put the past in the shade. Nokia has to show good growth in the field of smartphones last quarter figures actually and seems therefore inspired by this positive result to new shores to spread out.

50 million smartphones with Symbian 3

It was the pronounced aim with the new operating system. 50 million sounds like a real challenge to the competition, especially Samsung. Should confirm the statements of the Nokia Chief Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo and the Nokia N8 offer a first-class usability, that is better than at any other Nokia phone, this number is already realistic.

Eldar Murtazin had already brought the Smartphone N8 some time ago, before the official presentation arg into disrepute, because he depicted it as inert as well as the previous models. However it was the test model only to a prototype, which still have not the perfection of the Nokia N8 appearing now in a few weeks. Here on Our site other interesting figures on the OVI store can be found…

OVI store offers 13,000 apps

Now comes Nokia s app store on 13,000 applications that can be downloaded on the Nokia phones. In comparison to the Apple store or Android market monthly, these are of course, more than the entire fundus on smaller programs and applications to download. Despite the not so up-to-down number mittelerweile daily 1.7 million downloads in the store are made.

OVI app Wizard and OVI maps

Particularly highlighted on the Nokia blog were the download numbers from the OVI app Wizard and the OVI maps. The app Wizard is a program that in just a few clicks an own app create allows you to. The OVI app Wizard presented here on Our site. Thanks to a simple module system can really anyone create an application to it directly from the OVI store. So far comes the OVI app Wizard to over one million downloads. This is outbid cards only through the now of the longer free navigation maps to the OVI. The free deployment creates of course a certain unique selling proposition, is accordingly OVI maps on a considerable number of download of 17 million.

Remarkable goal

With the 50 million sold Symbian 3smartphones has Nokia really set a remarkable goal.

It remains to be seen to what extent the negative headlines of the Nokia N8 to influence sales. Eldar Murtazin, as we have reported here, is must answer even for the prototypes, walked to him anyway, because the Russian authorities already asked Nokia to use to pull Murtazin. Finally, Nokia have never given out a prototype. However, Murtazin claims he wanted to take up several times with Nokia in connection and Nokia did probably not. He allegedly wanted to return the device. We will offer the touchscreen Smartphone with an impressive 12 megapixel camera from Our site- buy cell phones online. The hardware package sounds promising, should have improved greatly the usability, an alternative to HTC, Apple and co. would be the Nokia N8. It remains to be seen, we will of course report.