Abercrombie & Fitch: a Fall Not Skimp Absolutely Nothing with Colors


The proposals for Abercrombie & Fitch they are always fairly timeless and never go out of fashion. Your basic offer polos, hoodies, denim material and jackets tends to be generally the same, by varying the sizes and the symbol and size of moose as well as the color gamut. But what is certain is that they present every year at the beginning of the season, a selection of garments that they consider fundamental for the new season and where pleasantly surprised we see as the color is something that abounds everywhere.

Trenches of colors fluorine

The trenchs of fluor colours they are one of its major claims. In yellow, Orange, blue or green color, combines the aesthetic navy with top quality materials and finishes nicely. The result are very youth clothes, with a huge visual impact and ideal to combine with basic shirts, Polo shirts and trousers while they stand much.

The pictures are for the fall

The checked shirts are one of our favourite pieces this fall. And Abercrombie knows very well how to offer products that are desirable in the market within its cannons. Dark colors with white stripe, in shades of blue, oxblood red and green, with size slim fit and tight body.

Style college and point jerseys

Finally, a few garments that respond to the initiative of Abercrombie introduce more el style college in their collections. You not plan to remove jackets Varsity at the moment but its eight jerseys and their cardigan in Bordeaux and white tones are small steps in search of that more refined style.