Apple Replaced The IPod Nano with Battery Problems Even Though They Already Have 6 Years and Launches ITunes Match, Campus Cupertino


We began the week talking about Instagram: the popular sharing photos for iOS application confirmed that it will also support video soon, a new leap in functionality taking advantage of the current success (while other apps that already do, like GO HD launch). We also knew that Apple replaced the iPod nano 1st generation, despite the years that have passed since its launch. Also finally got iTunes Match, the “ musical cloud “ as Apple understood it. And we enjoyed the work of artist Antonio López with its iPad app, which Fernando analyzed thoroughly.

I also talked of two very useful applications: PayBack, to share expenses in group trips without going into long, complicated calculations and Downcast, a great application to download and listen to podcasts directly in our iOS device without going through iTunes. Us not forgot the version of Minecraft for iOS, and a very useful trick to add shortcuts to the system preferences.

Google has finally updated their Gmail application, and also found evidence of a version of iChat for iOS. And if you like music and you have an iPad, try, a magazine with free songs, Flipboard style. And for that you like the risk, an espectactuar and daredevil project: integrate an iPad into a table of snowboarding. If you prefer to stay at home, we recommend Jour HD for the Apple tablet. I am sure you both hooking as we. That you have a good week!