Are You Ready for The Rain?… Marching a Past Proposals by Water


It rains throughout the country and, in addition, the forecast says, is more assures us, that it will be for a few days. Us, cautious men where there are any, do not want that you get wet, and if you do it because you have another choice but, at least, you do it with style. In this special we suggest a good bunch of articles original and specially designed for these days of rain that, by the way I don’t know you, but to me I love them.


Raincoats, parkas or feathered creatures, What is the perfect outerwear for these days of rain? because it will depend on our needs and our style. I propose you several models with a different point, but if none of these do not like you, always be the traditional trench.

With this first multi-Pocket jacket anthracite black with pockets in detail in intense like blue or red tones, since then you will not go unnoticed, his large cap will allow you to stroll the streets dry and cool at the same time, of course is resists water, goes without saying it. House signs Lazy Oaf and (163€) you can find it at Asos.

In the same line of adventurous style, but much more basic and simple are Montgomery and Topman Diedre jackets. The first in Navy Blue and the second in Bordeaux. They are made in waxed finish twill cotton, they are a large and more than necessary Cap (€220).

If the cold tightens and in addition is raining a good choice is a feathered coat. In H & M they have this East attractive model in blue Hoodie. A perfect garment for your outfits more causal, combinable and light (40€). This same model is available in various colors, including green, Burgundy or grey.

Waterproof boots

But the truth is that they are not for everyone, not everyone can take them, with costumes they would laugh, in fact for which your casual look allows, they are the best footwear for the rain, We are talking about the boots of water. And if there is a brand that knows them to do, that is by tradition and excellence Hunter. The English House has made that their wellies are known around the world, in addition, in value for money are the best.

I’ve rescued several models for this autumn-winter. The original tour, they are a basic format that also they can be folded down easily (includes the backpack), is available in various colors, although I prefer the red, for the more daring, or the Green Hunt, all a classic (98€), but you also have them in blue or black. The most original, the Thurloe, a bicolor ankle lace-up presented in green and vanilla, a sure hit (€110). But for those who don’t want to carry a cask of water so obvious, the Shoreditch has a Biker point very original (118€).


The accessory that can never miss these days is the umbrella. Personally, I can not with small umbrellas, seem to me ridiculous for men and also very easy to lose. And is that, now we carry umbrella that is one of a decent size, and to be stylish. This year I’ll take this model pictures Blue and green from Fred Perry, available at Asos (58€), or much more daring and original East with Aztec print from Undercover in brown tones (96€). Rather more economical and various printed models, up to six different, automatic, and fiberglass barrillas Vogue House (25€).

Rain hats

But for now it seems that its use has not become popular and, In addition to the classic nylon like that I show you right (15€), are not very easy to see them in the street, rain cap, personally, think it has many possibilities. And is that they are comfortable and very combinable and each designs resemble more traditional models, the only difference is that all come waxed and therefore repel water. You have from the models style belfry, passing by the fedora, and even the typical newspaper cap (from € 50).